Breast Surgery

If you are looking to improve the appearance, volume, and contour of your breasts, turn to one of the top rated surgeons in the Scottsdale area. In a city booming with plastic surgery, I have made a name as a premier plastic surgeon in the Scottsdale area by delivering my patients the results they want out of surgery.

Cosmetic breast surgery is not limited to breast implants either. Search through any number of procedures to see if you qualify or any are right for you.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is designed to alter the contour, symmetry, and size of a woman’s breast through cosmetic implants. Whether it’s augmenting the size of your breasts after a pregnancy or weight loss or even adjusting the symmetry of your breasts, I offer simple procedures to augment your breasts to the size, shape, and volume you desire.

Breast lift

Breast lift is one of the most popular and common cosmetic procedure available. After an initial and painless consultation, I will work with you to determine the most appropriate breast lift procedure for you.

Breast reduction

Oversized breasts are a problem for some women.  Breasts that are too large and unattractive can be improved by reducing their size through surgical removal of extra breast tissue and skin.

Breast revision

Sometimes women want to upgrade their breast implants from saline implants to modern silicone gel implants, or even older silicone gel implants to more modern gel implants.   At other times, as a result of aging, women may desire their breasts lifted after having breast implants in the past.  Regardless of your reasons, Dr. Weinrach is skilled at crafting personalized solutions.


Breast surgery is not limited to women either, as I offer surgery to men who suffer from gynecomastia. This problem is more prevalent than you may be aware, as anywhere close to 40-60% of men in the US suffer from gynecomastia. With relatively painless procedures, I can help you achieve a nicely contoured chest.

If you are interested in any number of cosmetic breast procedures, contact me today for a consultation.