Breast Revision Surgery in Scottsdale

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Breast Revision and Breast Implants Replacement

Breast revision may become desirable on occasion to remove old breast implants and place new ones. Women with saline breast implants often would like to exchange their implants for modern silicone gel implants which give the breasts a much more natural feel. Saline implants that have deflated, are leaking, or causing rippling can be easily removed and exchanged with silicone gel implants. A desire to change the size of the breast is another reason for consideration of breast implant exchange. Some women develop sagging in their breasts just from gravity and the passage of time. Pregancy can also contribute to sagging after breast augmentation. This can be improved with a breast lift (mastopexy), with or without breast implant exchange, depending on the situation as well as the desires of the patient. Finally, capsular contracture can be treated with removal of the capsule and placement of a new breast implant. For patients who had a subglandular (above the muscle) breast augmentation, changing the location of the implant to a submuscular (below the muscle) location can be helpful for patients with capsular contracture, thin tissue coverage, or unacceptable breast shape.

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