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There are no words to convey my gratitude

Dr. Weinrach & Jelena: There are no words to convey my gratitude for all you have done for me! I love being a mom and wouldn’t give that up for anything in the world, but the sacrifice and toll motherhood took on my body left me feeling so uncomfortable. When I looked at myself in the mirror I was so frustrated at the image reflected back at me and had contemplated surgery so often. Fear, finances etc. kept me from taking that step. When I finally decided and met the two of you in the office I KNEW you would be able to help me and that I was absolutely making the right choice. I can not believe the results and I feel like myself again. Thank you for giving me back my pre-mom body 🙂 and the confidence to not only stand in front of the mirror and love the image reflected back at me, but to sit on the beach in a crowd of people wearing a bikini for the first time in EVER and not feel one bit self conscious! From consultation to surgery to post-op follow-ups you both have been WONDERFUL and my only regret is waiting so long to FINALLY take the steps to get my body back! Kindest Regards,

You guys are so great at what you do

Hey Guys! I was just thinking of the 2 of you! I hope you both are doing well!:) Just in case you needed a reminder…you guys are so great at what you do and are truly LOVELY people. A.M.

You’re the best of the bunch

Dr. Weinrach- You’re the best of the bunch. This is true! Thank you so much for being a caring, skilled, trustworthy, and phenomenal surgeon! We appreciate your work! Enjoy the basket of goodies as a token of our gratitude!

“Thank you” is simply not enough

Dear Dr. Weinrach, “Thank you” is simply not enough. From the moment I met you I knew that if I chose you as my surgeon I would be in terrific hands. I enjoy being right, and I was. These days it is hard to find a person that is “truly” well intentioned down to the core. I believe you are one of those people. I remember you telling me that you gave up a lot of your “youth” and socializing time to concentrate on med school and residencies … well look at what you can do and how well you do it. I believe you have found your special gift in what you are able to do for other people. You deserve recognition for this and compliments and happiness from your patients is definitely something I hope you hold dear. Thank you for sending me a “welcome” card when I chose you as my surgeon. Thank you for taking a picture with me before my surgery. (Even if it was an “unusual request”, it made me smile.) The pic is adorable and it is the last pic taken of me before my body change and who better to take it with than the man who was making the enhancement. Thank you for talking to my sister after surgery to let her know how it went. Thank you for calling me that evening to see how I was doing. That night was so hard and hearing that message meant a lot. I told myself to suck it up b/c your doctor wouldn’t have it any other way. : ) Most of all thank you for being yourself during office visits and allowing me to be myself. Uptight and no smiling would have sent me packing within minutes.. but maintaining your professionalism and still being “real” probably officially sealed the deal. I was convinced that my safety was your top priority and I thank you for that! I know that what you do everyday is part of your “career” but I believe that what you do for others comes back to you in volumes. My hope for you is that if hasn’t already started, it will for you soon. Thank you for taking excellent care of me! Nicole

The results are amazing

Dr Weinrach, Just wanted to say thank you for the recent care I received by you and Jelena during my recent surgery. From the pre-op visits, to following up during recovery and then post-op…All was top-notch and very much appreciated. The results are amazing and I would highly recommend your plastic surgeon services to others. Thank you so much!

It was life changing

Dr. Weinrach, Thank you so much for your service and help. I really appreciate what you did for me, it was life changing! I’m very happy w/results. You’re an awesome doctor and plastic surgeon. Jelena’s also great! Please accept this small token of appreciation and enjoy a cup of coffee on me

They gave me peace of mind and confidence

Dear Dr. Weinrach, Thank you and all of your staff for your concern and care throughout my surgical experience. Dr. Weinrach, I could not have made a better decision than choosing you to perform my surgery. My initial contact with your office personnel was a true pleasure, they were straight forward and frank with their answers to my questions. They gave me peace of mind and confidence in the manner in which they conducted themselves. You and your staff can be truly proud of their professional demeanor, appearance, and expertise. I admit I was a bit anxious when I would think about going through this procedure; meeting you and your staff made my experience much more comfortable. In the search for a plastic surgeon to perform breast reduction, I did a lot of research in and about plastic surgery. I discovered a large volume of high praise for you in your field, which made my choice to contact you much easier. When my husband and I met you in person we knew immediately that you were the surgeon we wanted. Your explanations of the procedure and what we could expect had a very calming effect prior to surgery. Following, surgery your continued care and your personal phone call to us at home showed that you were really there for us. Speaking from a patient's point of view that type of involvement can be a difficult to find. It was a pleasure being your patient, we are very fortunate in choosing you. You always seem to say or do just the right thing to make me feel special. Thank you, again for your thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity it has meant so much to both my husband and to me Sincerely, Tami M

They gave me peace of mind and confidence

Dr Weinrach, I am so happy with the great job you did on my eye and chin. You are a very talented surgeon. May God Bless you and your practice always.

You are a wonderful plastic surgeon

Dr Weinrach, I want to thank you again for “stitching up” my brow on Sunday Dec. 4th. You are a wonderful plastic surgeon. Good Luck to you, Respectfully, 12-18-05

The outcome was far beyond what my expectations were

April, 2008 Dear Dr. Weinrach: As you are aware, I did a lot of research on finding the right plastic surgeon and you were also described by a fellow surgeon as ‘extremely talented’. I am very happy with the ‘work’ you performed on me. I’ve had several cosmetic surgeries over the years so I feel that I’m qualified in knowing what I want from my surgeon and the expected outcome. After our initial consultation, I knew that you were the ‘one’. I had a second follow-up consult with you and came in with several questions, all of which were answered to my complete satisfaction. When I saw you in pre-op, I handed you another reminder of what I wanted done, and I felt completely confident that I would get what I wanted.. .and I did! The outcome was far beyond what my expectations were. You were concerned, empathetic and reassuring in my post-operative care. No surgeon has ever followed me as closely as you. You were ‘with me’ every step of the way. To me, Dr. Weinrach, your follow-up care for me continued to validate that I had indeed chosen the best! It was a pleasure being your patient and an honor having you as my surgeon.

I am very happy to have found you!​

Dr. Weinrach- Thank you so much for the great work you did on my tummy tuck and lipo. I am already thrilled with the results and know there is still more improvement to come. This has given me back my confidence and I now can look forward to our beach vacation next summer! Your calls to check in on me during my recovery were greatly appreciated and show the care and concern you have for your patients. I am very happy to have found you!

He went the extra mile

Thank you to Dr. Weinrach for his honest assessments and the time taken to explain all routes and possibilities to the family. He went the extra mile to make phone calls to other departments to assure we were getting the right care at the right time as well as two post operative phone calls from his vacation to confirm our family member was healing well. We know that his surgery not only is helping our family member’s facial recovery, but he made him look very much like himself again after a devastating blow to his face and head. Surgeons have an reputation for being a bit cold but he was attentive and personal. God bless, Dr. Weinrach.

Just wanted to formally say thank you

Thanks! Just wanted to formally say thank you. For your Great Work!! It was greatly appreciated more than you can imagine.

Thank you sooo – much for an excellent experience

Dr Weinrach and Staff, Thank you sooo – much for an excellent experience. I’ve had plastic surgery before and have never been so pleased with the treatment from all of your staff and of course the beautiful results. I recommend everyone to spend the night it makes a big difference.

I am very pleased that I chose you as my surgeon

Thank you Dr. Weinrach, I’m so pleased Dr. Weinrach, I am very pleased that I chose you as my surgeon. You are awesome I really appreciate that you listened to what I wanted. You spent more than enough time answering my many questions, and made my concerns important to you. Thanks Again,