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Welcome to the brand new website for Weinrach Plastic Surgery! Dr. Weinrach is excited to share the vision of his practice with his new website. Please browse through a few notable pages: Meet Dr. Weinrach Testimonials Photo Gallery Breast Augmentation Tummy Tuck Dermal Fillers Please contact us with any questions or for more information. We hope to… Read More »

Teardrop Breast Implants

teardrop breast implant

Teardrop breast implants, also referred to as shaped or anatomic breast implants, are a very common topic that comes up during a breast augmentation consultation.  Many women have the impression that they would like teardrop breast implants placed because they will look more like a natural breast. What is a Teardrop Breast Implant? The teardrop… Read More »

Reasons to Get Your Summer Body Now

women in white bikini on the beach

New Year’s resolutions to cut back calories and increase workouts can be a great motivation to stay fit. However, many people find that diet and exercise alone simply aren’t enough for them to reach their ideal body goals. Plastic surgery provides an opportunity to achieve your optimal summer body. In this blog post, Scottsdale plastic… Read More »

Otoplasty Scottsdale – Ear Surgery for Kids and Adults

Otoplasty is surgery to correct the shape of the ears.  Sometimes this is referred to as ear pinning, or ear setback;  however, otoplasty can involve much more complex and refined reshaping of the ear than just “pinning them back”.  Children born with ears that are larger or protrude farther from their head than their peers often… Read More »

Xeomin® – The Latest in Facial Wrinkle Treatment

Xeomin® (incobotulinum toxin A) is the latest neurotoxin available for treatment of frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines). Similar to Botox® (onabotulinum toxinA), Xeomin® is injected into the muscles in between the eyebrows that create these lines, relaxing the muscles resulting in improvement of these lines. As with Botox®, the effect is temporary, and lasts an… Read More »