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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation often restores a sense of self-confidence and satisfaction to patients as they enjoy an improved body shape, contour, and overall balance.

Implants used during an augmentation vary based on the patient’s vision but are either filled with saline or silicone. During a breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Weinrach carefully examines a patient’s breasts and conducts measurements to get the crucial information that will help the patient decide what type and size of breast implants will bring her closest to the form she envisions.

During the actual surgical procedure, Dr. Weinrach utilizes a Funnel type of device to place the breast implant into the body. This allows for a much smaller incision and keeps any bacteria that may be on the skin from contacting the breast implant. The results are a long-lasting, natural looking, and soft breast and a beautiful augmentation.

The recovery process after a breast augmentation is relatively minor, and most patients return to work and other normal activities in just a few days after surgery. You will be advised when it is suitable to exercise at your previous levels.

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Breast Lift

Gravity, the effects of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and genetics can all take a toll on the breasts, causing them to lose their youthful shape. The waning elasticity that comes with age also impacts breast firmness.

A breast lift is a common cosmetic procedure that helps reshape the breasts and lifts them so they appear more youthful. Breast surgery can also reduce a large areola to a more aesthetically pleasing size.

In a typical breast lift, incisions are made so extra breast tissue can be removed and so Dr. Weinrach can manipulate the nipple and areola into a new position. Dr. Weinrach places all sutures and incisions carefully to minimize scarring.

Dr. Weinrach works closely with all patients to explain the details of the procedure. He also demonstrates where he will make all incisions. Surgery is carried out under general anesthesia in an accredited center or hospital.

Safety is the number one priority at our office, and we work closely with all patients before and after the procedure to make sure the surgical process proceeds as smoothly as possible.

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Breast Reduction

A breast reduction reduces breast size when its causing discomfort, inconvenience (clothing and bra purchases) and self-consciousness. The entire procedure is similar to a breast lift but removes more breast tissue.

During a breast reduction, Dr. Weinrach removes excess skin and breast tissue. The nipple and areola are then relocated into a more aesthetically pleasing location. Liposuction is often added to further refine the shape of the breast.

After the procedure, Dr. Weinrach will wrap your breast with a gentle elastic wrap to provide support and will prescribe medicine to alleviate any discomfort or pain. In general, a breast reduction is usually not very painful and comes with a quick recovery period.

Dr. Weinrach will give careful instructions about when to resume exercise and normal activities. He will also advise patients about when they can use a sports bra.

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Revision Breast Surgery

Sometimes it can be desirable to have breast revision surgery. The passage of time, the aging process, gravity, and genetics can change the shape of the breast. Changes in weight will also change the shape and size of the breast; an implant placed at a point in time at one body weight may become either too big or too small with significant changes in body weight. Women who originally had saline breast implants placed may wish to change to more natural feeling gel-filled implants. These are just some of the reasons that a woman may desire breast revision surgery.

During a breast revision consultation, Dr. Weinrach will listen carefully to your concerns, perform a thorough history and physical examination, and formulate a plan with you. Dr. Weinrach will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of available breast implants and surgical options. Restore your image and feel better about your body when you choose breast augmentation, reduction or revision!

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