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Scottsdale and Phoenix Residents’ Top 3 Reasons for Getting a Tummy Tuck

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In 2018, over 130,000 Americans addressed sagging skin and bulges in the midriff with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty.)

 This popular procedure contours the midsection by: 

  • trimming excess skin
  • tightening abdominal muscles (a step many are not aware occurs)
  • reducing fat deposits

Particularly after pregnancy or radical weight loss, those with even the most active lifestyle cannot snap skin around the midsection into shape or draw separated muscles in the abdominal wall back together. Both issues require surgery. If you are curious about why your friends and neighbors are opting for the tummy tuck, read on. 

Arizona Residents Turn to the Tummy Tuck To: 

1. Restore a Youthful Figure 

Sleek contours and tighter skin just showcase clothing better and keep us more comfortable. Those who have had pregnancies or significant weight loss are often bothered by lax skin that causes “muffin tops” and gets in the way of zippers and waistbands.  

Tummy tuck patients share how many more clothing choices they have once their recovery is complete. They are thrilled that they can choose designer lines that never worked for them before. Trips to the beach in revealing swimsuits no longer cause them anxiety. Instead, they look forward to flaunting trim curves. 

While a tummy tuck will not bring back the figure you sported in tenth grade, the improvements it makes increase confidence and mood significantly. Plastic surgeons live for the moment when the patient regards his or her new shape in the mirror and becomes emotional. Seeing our patients’ relief and joy just makes our day. 

2. Address “Diastasis Recti” or Muscle Separation

Flab around the waist that interferes with clothing results from more than lax skin and fat. Behind the protruding belly or “pooch” are organs and fat that have shifted forward because the abdominal wall has lost its integrity. 

“Diastasis recti” is a common condition where the left and right abdominal wall muscles separate. When performing ideally, these muscles hold the bowels, stomach, uterus, and other organs in place, keeping the midsection flat. When stress (from pregnancy, weight loss, or yoyo dieting) causes them to draw apart, however, organs move forward, creating a distinct belly. You can easily see this issue in cases 1616, 1580 and other photos in our tummy tuck photo gallery

During a tummy tuck, Dr. Weinrach repairs the muscles so they regain their initial integrity. With organs now contained by muscles, the midsection has a more appealing contour. Clothing is suddenly comfortable again, and patients no longer hesitate to expose their midriffs.

3. Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy

Pregnancy not only stretches the skin and separates muscles, but it also leaves stretch marks. A caesarian section can result in an unsightly scar. Pregnancy also signals the body to accumulate fat around the midriff. A new mother’s most dedicated diet and exercise efforts don’t always compensate for the physiological changes driven by nature. 

Given the extensive responsibilities they shoulder, new mothers can use all the support they can get. Confidence in their figure helps them recognize that becoming a mother doesn’t mean they have left their sexy days in their past. Many of our mom patients combine breast lift and/or liposuction with their tummy tuck, opting for a “mommy makeover” that rejuvenates their energy and outlook. We encourage mothers to wait until they are done having children and nursing to get a mommy makeover. While pregnancy after surgical cosmetic procedures poses no threat to health, the aesthetic advantages gained from surgery may be lost with another pregnancy. 

Look Your Best with a Tummy Tuck in Scottsdale, AZ

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