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Male Neck Lift

Male Neck Lift

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Male neck lift, in particular the direct neck lift in men, is a very popular procedure.  It is a powerful procedure and delivers impressive results and dramatic improvement to the male neck. The direct neck lift, or TZ plasty is an excellent alternative to the traditional facelift often performed in women. 

A well-defined jawline with a trim neck contour can make all the difference in turning back the clock on what makes a man look older. The neck is an area that shows age before most other areas. Refining the contour of the neck can take years off your appearance.

A neck lift will help eliminate excess fat and skin to reduce double chin and the “turkey gobbler neck”, or “turkey wattle neck”. Your neck will complement your facial features more effectively, giving you a youthful appearance and the confidence that goes with it.

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How is a Neck Lift Different for Men?

Plastic surgery for men can involve a different approach than for women.  A neck lift in a man can be performed through a traditional facelift incision as is done with women;  however men who desire a neck lift only and not a facelift have another option:  a direct neck lift, also known as a TZ plasty of the neck.  The advantage of this procedure is much shorter operating time, resulting in much less recovery time and cost.   As opposed to a traditional facelift, this does involve an incision directly on the front of the neck;  however in men this incision heals remarkably well and eventually becomes barely noticeable.  

Of course men with sagging facial features in addition to a sagging neck can also have both areas addressed with a traditional face lift and neck lift.

Best Male Neck Lift Candidates

Best male neck lift candidates are men who are nonsmokers, healthy, and have sagging neck skin without a lot of neck fat.  The most powerful way to remove this sagging skin and dramatically improve neck contour is with a direct neck lift.  One must be accepting of a scar on the front of the neck for this procedure however. This scar becomes almost invisible over time for the great majority of men, and is a welcome tradeoff for the dramatically improved neck contour. For men who do not wish to have this scar on the front of the neck, a more traditional face and neck lift can be considered, which places the scars along the hairline and around the ear.  This is a much longer procedure however, with significantly more downtime due to the more extensive surgery.  Significantly longer operating room and anesthesia time result in much greater expense as well.

Younger men whose neck fullness is mostly due to excess fat can be very effectively treated with liposuction, and can often be done in an office setting using local anesthesia.  This is sometimes referred to as submental liposuction, “chin liposuction”, or neck liposuction.  

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What Can a Neck Lift for Men Do?

A neck lift designed for men can smooth and tone skin texture around the chin area, neck, and jawline by decreasing the amount of excess skin and fat from these areas and tightening the underlying muscles. The key highlights of a neck lift include:

  • Removes excess sagging neck tissue
  • Offers a more defined jawline and youthful neck contour
  • Downtime is very short; you can resume light activity the next day, and if your work does not involve strenuous activity you can return to work as you see fit.

The male neck lift improves the neck contour dramatically and provides a rejuvenated, masculine appearance.

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Dr. Weinrach is dedicated to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals through an individualized approach to patient care and commitment to safety. His extensive experience and unique skill set produces long-lasting, natural looking results.

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When Should You Consider a Neck Lift?

If you feel you need improvement in the appearance of your neck, it is probably a good time to seek the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Although the decision is personal, this popular procedure is an excellent correction for many patients who:

  • Are approximately between the ages of 35 and 79
  • Want to eliminate their turkey neck or double chin
  • Have loose skin and excessive wrinkling around the neck, jaw and chin areas
  • Like their current facial features, but not their neck.

If correction of facial aging is also desired then a face lift can be combined with a neck lift to fully rejuvenate the face and neck.

Direct Neck Lift

For men interested in improvements in the neck area alone, who do not want a facelift,  Jonathan C. Weinrach MD, FACS offers a direct neck lift. As the term indicates, a direct neck lift will remove excess fat and skin from the neck through an incision which is under the chin, extending to the mid part of the neck. This is a much smaller incision compared to traditional face and necklift incisions.  This precision surgery will allow for tightening of the underlying tissue to dramatically improve contour of the neck. Also known as a TZ-plasty, it utilizes T and Z-shaped incisions to make the scars as invisible as possible, while at the same time restoring youthful neck contour.

Direct neck lift in men is usually best done with general anesthesia. By being completely asleep, very little local anesthesia is needed to be placed in the neck tissues.  A large volume of local anesthesia can distort and tighten the tissues, making it more difficult to judge the amount of tissue to remove.  Dr. Weinrach feels that it is much easier to get an optimal result by minimizing the amount of local anesthesia in the tissues, which can only be done with general anesthesia. Occasionally, local anesthesia can be considered. The choice of anesthesia depends on a number of factors including patient preference, neck anatomy, and the presence of any underlying medical conditions.  A consultation with Dr. Weinrach is needed in order to determine whether a particular man is a candidate for local or general anesthesia. TZ plasty direct neck lift is not a procedure done for women, as the scar is not acceptable in women.

Neck Lift Recovery and Downtime

Recovering from a TZ-plasty is relatively easy. Discomfort is usually minimal, and easily controlled with oral pain medicine if needed. There may be some mild bruising and swelling. Dr. Weinrach will remove the sutures within one week. The scar will be pink at first but then lighten over the course of the next months and years. You can return to work once we remove the sutures in 5 to 7 days or sooner.

Only minimal dressings are needed after male neck lift surgery.  A TZ plasty only involves placement of light tape on the incisions.   Activity should be light for the first week.  Full recovery is within four to six weeks.  

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Make your aesthetic goals a reality. Jonathan C. Weinrach, MD FACS and his team look forward to exceeding your expectations. Schedule a personalized consult with Dr. Weinrach by clicking below.

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Want to learn more?

Make your aesthetic goals a reality. Jonathan C. Weinrach, MD FACS and his team look forward to exceeding your expectations. Schedule a personalized consult with Dr. Weinrach by clicking below.

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Direct Neck Lift FAQS

Direct Neck Lift/TZ Plasty (general anesthesia): $8,500

*Above price includes facility, anesthesia, and surgeon fees. Price is estimate based on average cases. Any individual case could cost more or less; a consultation is needed to best determine cost and anesthesia requirements.

The TZ Plasty neck lift was developed and first described by Drs. Thomas Cronin and Thomas Biggs back in 1970. Dr. Biggs taught Dr. Weinrach how to properly perform the TZ plasty direct neck lift when Dr. Weinrach was his plastic surgery resident, and benefited from all the years Dr. Biggs spent developing this procedure. Dr. Weinrach has now done many, many direct lifts as part of his own practice over the past 18 years. His keen aesthetic eye and state of the art equipment and surgical facilities have created countless beautiful necks.  Happy patients continue to send Dr. Weinrach many direct neck lift referrals.

As with any surgical procedure, this depends somewhat on the type of work you do.  People with sedentary type jobs can probably work in a couple of days, especially if they can work from home.  Most people can count on returning to their jobs within 5 -7 days.  Jobs requiring heavier physical activity may require a bit more time before returning.

In most cases you can swim in a pool or ocean 2 weeks after a neck lift.  Dr. Weinrach will advise you when it is safe to swim.

The length of the scar is proportional to the amount of tissue removed.  Men with less sagging tissue to be removed will have less scar than men with very large amounts of extra neck tissue in need of removal.

Any man who is a candidate for a traditional neck lift and face lift is also a candidate for a direct neck lift.  The difference is that a direct neck lift is a much shorter procedure, with much shorter operating time, much less recovery time, and much less cost.  The tradeoff is a scar on the front of the neck, which is mostly hidden by the chin when looking from the front. 

Direct Neck lift in men can be performed using either local anesthesia in the office, or general anesthesia in the operating room. The choice of anesthesia depends on a number of factors, including patient preference, neck anatomy, and the presence of any underlying medical conditions. A consultation with Dr. Weinrach is needed to determine the best choice for anesthesia.

Any surgical procedure carries some risk. With any surgery there is some risk of bleeding, infection, or wound healing issues. The whole beauty of a direct neck lift is that it is a much shorter operation than a traditional facelift, with much less operating time, considerably fewer incisions, and a much shorter recovery. Complications with a traditional facelift are infrequent, but with a direct neck lift risks are minimized even more.

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