ClickCease Plastic Surgery Cost Blog By Dr. Weinrach February 2014
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Plastic Surgery Cost

A very common question that is asked by many people when they call the office is regarding plastic surgery cost. This is a very difficult question to answer over the phone for several reasons. The main determination of how much a procedure will cost is how long the procedure will take to accomplish. In a nutshell, the longer the procedure, the more it will cost, as anesthesiologists and operating room personnel all are paid by the hour. Also, longer cases use more anesthetic medications compared to shorter ones, which increases the cost of the case. More materials are needed for bilateral (both sides) cases, compared to unilateral (one side) cases. A “tummy-tuck”, also known as an abdominoplasty, may be a relatively short procedure in one person with very little excess skin on the abdomen, or quite a long procedure in a person with a very large amount of excess skin on the abdomen and flanks. The best way to determine how much a procedure will cost is with an in person consultation. This will allow Dr. Weinrach to examine you and accurately determine which procedure or procedures would be most appropriate; the length and complexity of the procedure will determine the cost.